Foreign Economic Activity Outsourcing

    Support of FEA transactions and full range of services for international transportation of commercial cargo.
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      FEA Outsourcing

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      FEA Outsourcing

      The delivery of goods and the conclusion of international agreements require specialists who will manage the foreign economic activities of your company. If import and export is not the main field of your activity, then it is impractical to keep an entire foreign trade department. In this case, outsourcing will be the best choice. Authorized specialists will undertake negotiations, delivery of goods, interaction with partners and other issues.

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        Outsourced international transportation of cargo

        KIY AVIA CARGO – we will arrange everything and deliver in time!

        The main advantage of our company is that we will take full responsibility for transportation, cargo handling and customs clearance. The experience and knowledge of our specialists allow us to solve the most difficult tasks.


        • to assist in the registration of a foreign trade entity;
        • draw up a correct and competent contract;
        • pre-calculate the cost of imported goods;
        • deliver goods of any category quickly, safely and without delay;
        • draw up all the necessary documents;
        • provide assistance in customs clearance of cargo.

        Thus, by ordering the outsourcing of FEA for international transportation, you will get a full range of all the necessary services that may be needed throughout the entire transaction – from the conclusion of the contract to the receipt of the goods in Ukraine.

        Outsourcing FEA. Main benefits:

        • saves your time and optimizes financial costs;
        • makes it possible to import/export goods without getting into details of logistics,
        • registration processes and legislation;
        • remove responsibility from the customer for cargo transportation;
        • minimize risks during transportation and clearance, because lawyers, customs brokers and logistic managers are involved in this process.

        You can be sure that each specialist will do thoroughly his part of the work and will fully control the deal and delivery.

        KIY AVIA CARGO is a reliable and experienced partner. Leave an application and our specialists will contact you ASAP.

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