Cargo delivery from Ukraine to Malaysia

    Fast delivery of goods from Malaysia to Ukraine at a bargain price.
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      Cargo delivery from Malaysia

      Do you need to deliver goods to or from Malaysia? KIY AVIA CARGO will do it for you as quickly as possible.

      KIY AVIA CARGO offers all freight-forwarding and related services to satisfy different logistics requirements.

      Why us?

      20 years of experience

      Kiy Avia Cargo is a part of the well-known concern

      Financial responsibility

      100% Protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to freight from any external cause

      Your peace of mind is guaranteed

      We take care of the cargo as if it were our own, providing maximum attention at every stage of transportation

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      Air freight

      From general parcels to the charter of an aircraft, you can rely on our team as we can deliver your cargo everywhere!

      Sea freight

      KIY AVIA CARGO offers a complete range of sea freight services aimed to save you both time and money

      Transportation of hazardous cargo

      Shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials around the world quickly and efficiently.

      Международные перевозки скоропортящихся грузов

      Организация перевозок скоропортящихся грузов из Украины в любую страну мира.

      Негабаритные перевозки

      Перевозка негабаритных грузов за границу из Украины и выгодные негабаритные перевозки в Украину. Экспресс-доставка (10-14 дней) из Украины в США, Канаду, Израиль, Западную Европу.

      Доставка станков и оборудования

      Доставка станков и оборудования из Украины в любую точку мира и выгодноя доставка станков и оборудования в Украину.

      What Determines Shipping Cost?

      Shipping route

      Cargo type, Weight, Size

      Delivery speed

      Characteristics of goods

      Packaging and extra services

      Customs Regulations

      Find out the cost of delivery

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        Destination (city, country):
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        Weight (kg):
        First Name, Last Name:
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        Please note that customs clearance, including payment of taxes and fees, is an integral part of the delivery of commercial goods from Malaysia. Our managers and brokers will consult on all issues and help calculate shipping costs, import taxes and duties.

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