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        Dangerous Goods Transportation Services

        In international transportation of Dangerous Goods everything is strictly regulated: correct classification, appropriate packaging, labeling, marking and shipping documents preparation.

        Any kind of internal and international transportation of dangerous goods requires comprehensive and thorough planning and cooperation between shipper, consignee and freight forwarder.

        When shipping dangerous goods at a time of requesting a quotation in addition to general cargo description shipper shall always provide:

        • UN#
        • IMO Class
        • Flash point
        • Packing group

        The best way is to obtain and submit hazardous (dangerous) goods specification/instructions from the manufacturer of goods.

        Meeting all the requirements can be challenging but working with KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd. will ensure that your shipment complies with all regulations.

        If you have any questions or need a quote on shipping dangerous goods simply contact us today or use the Request form!

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