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    The service of international transportation of animals is temporarily unavailable!
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        International animal transportation services

        The service of international transportation of animals is temporarily unavailable!

        Moving from one place to another can be a stressful experience for you and your pet, but with our team of specialist you can be assured your pet will receive the highest level of care when travelling.
        Please note that:

        • Each country has its own requirements, paperwork and health standards. Contact a veterinarian or other pet specialist well in advance of the trip to make sure you can complete all the requirements in time for your pet to accompany you overseas.
        • It is necessary to buy a travel crate that is the right size and style for your pet.
        • Many pet owners believe sedation is beneficial for anxious pets when travelling. In general, it is forbidden. We recommend putting a blanket or soft toy into your pet’s travel crate to help comfort your pet.
        • For your pet’s safety, do not put any bulky bedding or hard objects in the travel crate.
        • We do not recommend attaching original copies of your pet’s vaccination records to their travel crate to avoid document loss.

        Before shipping your pet, we advise you to find out in advance all information from the consulates about the import and export regulations applicable to your pet in the country of departure, transit and destination country.

        KIY AVIA CARGO can organize animal shipment to the new home safely and stress-free.

        If you have any questions, need a consult or a quote please contact us today!

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