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Container cars transportation from Ukraine

Container transportation of cars to anywhere in the world and profitable freight transportation of cars to Ukraine.

Container cars transportation from Ukraine

Container car shipping from Ukraine is the most reliable and safe shipping option, especially when a car is to be delivered for long distances. For many people shipping a car can be a viable and practical challenge especially when moving overseas. KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. has a vast experience and knowledge on how to ship vehicles across the globe.


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Delivery Stages

01 -

Route planning;


02 -

Packing and labeling of goods;


03 -

Cargo delivery to the airport;


04 -

Registration of customs documents;


05 -



06 -

Cargo tracking;


07 -

Delivery in the country of receipt;


08 -

Warehousing services.


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Do you need container transport vehicles under the key?

KIY AVIA CARGO will provide a full range of services:

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18 years on the market. Specialists with experience of more than 15 years.


Advantageous insurance of cargo and 100% payment guarantee in the event of


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Agency offices around the world

Full range of services including customs clearance, packaging, loading

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Container transportation services

Here are some of the points to consider:

Single container is the most expensive but the safest possible option. Your vehicle is safe once it enters the container and you’ll be able to minimize the outside environmental impact factors.
Often the shipping of motor vehicles can be done together with the household goods in the same container.
• Understanding the regulations of your destination country is critical in your decision-making process. Most countries have strict requirements which can involve the payment of duties and taxes, obtaining import permits and compliance with safety and environment standards.
Take out shipping insurance to be financially protected in the event your car is damaged or stolen while in transit. Before sending your car, ensure to take photographs that you can keep as proof in case anything goes wrong.
Consider the legalities and inconveniences of left-hand drive vs right-hand. Making your car roadworthy in another country can be an expensive red-tape minefield. There is no guarantee roadworthiness will be achieved.
KIY AVIA CARGO can arrange a full service which includes preparation, booking, loading, documentation, shipping, insurance and customs clearance formalities. Be sure we can handle the shipping of your vehicle today!