Transportation of personal effects to Israel

Personal effects cannot be sent via LCL shipping from Ukraine. Therefore, if you have for instance 300 kg (without furniture) it is worth to use airfreight services.

Used household goods and personal effects must have been owned and used for a minimum of 12 months. Regulations vary according to the client’s immigration status. Therefore, we advise to ensure all requirements have been met regarding visa status and current regulations for Air and Ocean shipments.

If you have status of new immigrants or temporary residents, you may import three duty-free shipments within three years (excluding automobiles and professional tools) of personal effects and household goods. To utilize this privilege, the owner of the goods must present the immigration booklet (Teudat Oleh).

Transportation of personal effects to Israel

New immigrants or temporary residents MUST have resided a minimum of one year in the last country of residence.

Returning Israelis living abroad more than 2 years can only import household goods and personal effects tax free once Customs has stamped the passport “returning Israeli.” Returning citizens who have lived abroad less than 2 years will be charged according to Customs tariff. Acceptation may be made if the owner of the goods did a formal export when leaving Israel and the Original Export documents are found in that company’s archives and export packing list matches the import list.

Diplomat Status: Foreign diplomats, members of government or international organizations are granted tax-free entry of their personal effects and household items.

NOTE: All printed materials, books, pictures, records, Cd’s, DVD’s, films, tapes, slides, software, etc are subject to censorship and possible confiscation. They must be packed separately and clearly noted on the packing list.


  • Explosives, ammunitions and weapons of any kind including tear gas
  • Seeds, saplings and any live plant matter
  • BBQ grills
  • electric bicycles/scooters


Only diplomats can import vehicles duty free. New immigrants and returning Israelis are subject to reduced duties. Diesel and right-hand drive vehicles are prohibited. All cars must comply with the Israeli Institute of Standards.

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