Transportation of personal effects to Australia

Personal effects cannot be sent via LCL shipping from Ukraine. Therefore, if you have for instance 300 kg (without furniture) it is worth to use airfreight services.

Unaccompanied personal effects include used household and personal items transported into Australia by a returning resident or a new resident of Australia but that arrive separately.

Transportation of personal effects to Australia

Clothing, footwear, personal hygiene and grooming items, furniture, appliances, sporting equipment, books are classified as personal effects according to Australian rules and regulations.

The following items are not classified as personal effects:

  • cars, motorcycles or other vehicles
  • motor vehicles parts
  • goods for sell
  • goods you have purchased from overseas while you are in Australia (including internet purchases)
  • bequeathed goods.

You can clear your personal effects from Customs control without lodging import declarations or paying duty and taxes if you are the owner of the goods and have personally owned and used the goods for at least 12 months before entering Australia.

All items entering Australia are subject to biosecurity control. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may inspect your goods. Some items may be destroyed or exported at your expense.

In order to facilitate the release of your personal effects from biosecurity control with the least costs and time delays please official Australian import requirements.

The department will be interested in any item that originated from an animal or a plant (including timber), that has been in contact with animals, plants, water, food or soil.

To get additional information concerning allowed and restricted goods shipped to Australia please check the Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON).

All goods that have been in contact with food, soil, plants, animals, or their products must be clean and dry.

Wooden toys, musical instruments, furniture, kitchenware, timber, and items with wooden components are to be inspected for any signs of insect infestation (like powder, fresh holes, chewed timber or tunnels). If you find signs of insect infestation you have treat it for the timber pests prior to shipment.

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