Term of delivery guarantees during transportation from Ukraine to any country of the world

For any company shipping cargo from Ukraine, term of delivery plays quite important part in business. Whether goods are seasonal or not, they must be delivered on time and in agreed term. We realize possible consequences of missed deadline and take it with great responsibility.

Term of cargo delivery from Ukraine depends on several factors:

  • distance to the destination
  • mode of transport. Airfreight is the fastest kind of cargo transportation from Ukraine to any country of the world but the most expensive one. Container sea shipping takes much more time but allows to deliver big volumes of cargo from Ukraine at very reasonable price
  • peculiarities of transportation system in the country of destination and transit countries. Provided that distance is the same, cargo delivery from Ukraine to Europe will take less time than delivery of cargo to the Asian countries or Africa.
  • season and weather conditions, during winter time delivery by truck from Ukraine needs more time than in summer
  • kind of goods, there must be provided shortened term for delivery of perishables from Ukraine. Special requirements must be met during transportation of oversize, heavy load and hazardous (ADR) cargo, for example in some countries transportation is allowed within strictly defined time of the day.

Since geography of our shipping services is quite wide, it’s impossible to specify all terms of delivery. To avoid missteps and belated delivery we talk over terms of delivery with client thoroughly and undertake to be responsible for failing to meet the deadline and bind it in agreement.

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