Shipping Musical Instruments from Ukraine

Shipping Musical Instruments from Ukraine is a very responsible procedure, the main task of which can be defined as preservation of instrumental characteristics, which sometimes are just unique.

Piano shipping from Ukraine: when a minor detail matters

Small size instruments (for example, a violin) can be shipped as a hand luggage, a double bass can be transported as a baggage, for a violoncello you can buy a separate passenger place. But the shipment of pianos or grand pianos by its complexity can even surpass antique furniture transportation.

The main difficulty for mover is instrument’s fragility and sensitivity to ambient (atmospheric) conditions change. During shipping it is extremely important to maintain integrity of a sound board (the surface of a string instrument that the strings vibrate against).

The piano shipment requires careful handling starting from its packing, pick-up, storage, transit and up to its destination. Moving piano is not the same as moving a heavy sofa. Any rumbling, moisture, dust, dirt and of course any kicks should be avoided.

Safe piano delivery from Ukraine is a process requiring assistance not only in transportation but also in documents handling.

You should choose KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. when shipping your instruments because:

  • our managers and customs brokers will consult you concerning customs procedures and execution of export license for musical instruments;
  • we will insure your cargo;
  • a team of qualified loaders and packing specialists will prepare a piano (grand piano) for shipping. Before its transportation the instrument first will be completely wrapped and if necessary placed in the crate. Our company will make a crate that will fit your instrument and secure it from damage;
  • our logistics managers will select the best route considering weather conditions (temperature, humidity), traffic, etc. All piano models are very sensitive to humidity changes and high/low temperature. KIY AVIA CARGO advises to plan your piano transportation during the warmer months.

And one more advice from KIY AVIA CARGO: when you bring the piano to the new house let it get use to the new temperature and humidity.

We always encourage people to trust the moving experts and to not try to move the piano by yourself.

Ship Musical Instruments with KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. and we will keep the unique character of sounding!

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