Paintings transportation from Ukraine

Have you faced a problem of a painting delivery from Ukraine and don’t know where to start from?

Feel free to contact the best experts – KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. We’ll solve your question in a fast and professional way. Our consultants will assist you in the course of artwork shipping from Ukraine.

A great number of cultural values (i.e. statues and paintings) require availability of a special microclimate: they are sensitive to temperature and air humidity variations, as well as to potholes. KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. has all necessary equipment to protect your valuable objects in the course of transportation against all similar potential threats.

We take very good care of the artworks shipping. Use of sensitive climatic systems enables to control the ambient temperature during paintings transportation.

Particulars of international paintings delivery from Ukraine

When artworks are crossing the state border, the owners may be required to pay customs duties. The carrier must pay duties before the objects import. If money was not transferred in time, this may lead to delay in delivery and additional customs clearance charges.

In case of a painting delivery  to the USA one should take into account that if the artwork cost is more than USD 2500, you may require help from the part of a customs clearing agent to fill in required documentation.

If you decided to deliver a painting to Europe, be ready to pay VAT. Customs duties for artworks import to the European Union territory are not collected, however each country sets its own VAT value. For example, to deliver a painting to the Great Britain the VAT shall be 5%, to Germany — 7%. Out of EU countries it is Norway that applies VAT zero rate, and the highest rate of 27% belongs to Hungary.

When packing a painting to be delivered to England it should be marked as “Original Artwork” and commodity code 9701.10.0000 should be indicated. You may also attach an invoice to indicate clearly the object’s cost.

Stating wrong code or understating the artwork’s cost is not recommended. This may lead to charging a penalty and delay of shipping by customs control services.

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. represents a team of professionals, ready to deliver your artworks to any part of the world and to provide all required accompanying documents, as well as insurance.

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