Office relocation

Office relocation

Office relocation is a very frequent occasion, the companies are shrinking and expanding, they open new branches and merge, and as far as the business is developing they move from the city’s suburbs to the centre, or due to financial problems – vice versa. And we know how to make it so that office relocation does not become a real disaster for employees and does not paralyse the company’s operation for a few weeks.

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. provides the full scope of office relocation services. With us you don’t have to dismantle the furniture and cut off all the equipment, pack it and worry about its integrity, and on the site to sort out for a long time which monitor belongs to which computer and where has the important documents folder gone.  Our experts will undertake all these problems.

Office relocation procedure

  • You turn to our company and tell us in details what kind and scale of relocation is planned. Our manager will clarify all required details to decide what number of loaders will be required, as well as which packing material and what kind of transport.
  • At the appointed time our experienced packers arrive to your office with all required packing materials. They quickly disassemble the furniture, disconnect the equipment and pack everything required into a corresponding material.
  • Afterwards, the furniture, equipment and personal possessions are loaded and if required special equipment is also delivered. Our loaders held liable for your effects, therefore they are handling it correspondingly.
  • Experienced drivers on proven reliable cars perform the relocation.
  • On the site the loaders unload and, under your guidance, install at once the furniture and equipment on its new places, assemble and connect it.
  • All packing materials and rubbish, appearing in the course of relocation, are removed – the premises are left clear and ready to work in after us.

All stages of the office relocation are performed under your control and following all your guidelines. In order not to interrupt your working process, the relocation may be performed both at night-time and on weekend – this will help to relocate quickly and without any serious consequences for the company’s operation.

Office relocation with KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. – we minimize your problems!

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