Transporting works of art

Transporting works of art

Transporting works of art is a special service provided on the same basis as any other valuable cargo transportation service, while also implying a special procedure for clearance of cargo for transportation.

Our team consists of the best customs brokers with extensive experience in the field of such cargo clearance – they will prepare the necessary set of documents and carry out the internal customs transit procedure. It should be noted that in order to draw up documents properly, we need to know the specifics of each cargo, since certain types of transportation, for example, international transportation of theatrical stage props, transportation of international exhibitions and concert stage props do not require permissive documents from the authorities of the destination country. With this information on hand, the process of valuable cargo registration may be significantly simplified.

Secondly, specificity of transporting works of art is that such cargos often require very delicate handling. This concerns not just careful moving, but also proper packaging, storage temperature and humidity level as well as mode of transport. For example, works of art such as paintings drawn several centuries ago are not recommended to carry by water transport.

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