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Luggage packing before shipping your effects is a long-term, troublesome and labour-consuming process. It is your possessions and furniture preparation for relocation that often becomes the most long-lasting stage of relocation preparation, it can last either few days or up to several weeks, especially, in case you have to do it during off-work time. Whereas such existence with suitcases and boxes everywhere has nothing to do with comfort and convenience. That’s why luggage packing by KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. experts is a perfect possibility to save your time, efforts and peace of mind.

KIY AVIA CARGO provides a complete and partial packing services. We can pack a couple of cartons or the entire contents of your house using our professional methods to provide the safe and organized transport of your personal effects.

Advantages of using professional packing services:

  • Our specially trained staff will come to your place with all necessary wrapping materials, will pack every item thoroughly and place accordingly to protect them from harm throughout your move.
  • All boxes will be marked, clearly labeled so that you could easily identify the content within.
  • We are responsible for packing that we do.
  • Using our packing services, you save time and spare your nerves.

After years of successful moves, we have become experts at packing not only general staff but also such items as grand pianos, guitars, paintings, antiques, vases, motorcycles etc. KIY AVIA CARGO always encourages people to trust the moving experts and not try to pack and move such items by itself. This is definitely a hard work which demands serious preparation.

However, if you decided to pack most of your household on your own, here are some advices from KIY AVIA CARGO:

1. Pack a survival kit – essentials for first night
2. Pack lighter items in larger boxes & heavier items in smaller boxes
3. Put “Fragile” and “This side up” warnings on all sides of the boxes as well.
4. Use clean white paper for wrapping NO NEWSPAPER
5. Label cartons for the room its going into
6. Fasten electrical cords
7. Layers – heaviest on the bottom
8. Pack books on the bottom
9. Do not pack by yourself pianos, paintings, antiques if you want them transported without damage. Leave it to professionals.

In addition, we provide packing services not only for general cargo but also for dangerous goods. Our team is trained according to the standards required by IATA/ICAO, IMDG & ADR regulations to ensure you receive a top quality and professional service for all your dangerous goods packing requirements.

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