Art transportation from Ukraine

Art transportation from Ukraine

Export of artworks from Ukraine – is a problem, that requires a complex approach for its solution. However, when preparing fine art international shipping from Ukraine, a number of factors should be taken into account:

  •         the state of an exhibit and requirements for its transportation
  •         individual packaging method – it should provide for the full safety of work, as well as its protection against contamination and various stress factors during transportation. Whereas it is quite important to ensure that constant temperature and humidity are kept in the box (container) regardless the season and climatic zone, where the cargo is to be transported
  •         selection of transportation vehicle for shipment
  •         weather conditions (temperature and humidity) at the works of art export and import places.

KYI AVIA CARGO company selects and manufactures an individual packaging in strict compliance with the customer’s requirements, as well as considering the possibility of examination at the custom’s.

Pressing issue – permission services for art shipment.

International relocation provides for the possibility of the similar values export from the country. In order to solve this problem a special expertise is to be carried out for the cultural values assessment. All required cover documents are drawn up.

You may be sure that if cooperating with our company you won’t have any problems with shipping of art during international relocation, as we have worked out a special procedure for the required documents execution, which over and over again proved its optimality and viability.

Before shipping of works of art from Ukraine KYI AVIA CARGO company gets all required documents for export and executes an insurance policy.

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