Guarantees of cargo safety during cargo delivery from Ukraine to any country of the world

Guarantees of cargo safety

Cargo safety is an essential condition for cargo delivery from Ukraine to any country of the world from KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. Cargo safety in the process of shipping is a crucial component. Under international standards and norms regulating international shipments, carrier limit of liability is clearly   fixed. Moreover there are packing requirements for various types of cargo that must ensure safety during shipping. Meanwhile insurance helps to avoid financial risks that arise in result of theft and force majeure (acts of nature, crash of transport etc.)

Relying on personal long-time expertise of cargo delivery from Ukraine, KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. worked out transportation rules and insurance with the purpose of providing the highest level of safety of entrusted cargo. KIY AVIA GARANT LTD., our reliable partner, will assist us with this.

For our clients insurance percentage rate of shipments from Ukraine makes only 1% of declared cargo value. Besides insurance covers all 100% of estimated value of damaged or lost shipments. Estimated value of cargo is defined by clients. It must be confirmed by commercial invoice and export declaration presented by shipper.

We accept cargo by quantity of pieces without checking the content of boxes. Acceptance of cargo at destination is performed by quantity of pieces as well. In case of missing boxes, damage of packing and/or loss of cargo in the damaged box we are obliged to study the claim and refund the losses. The procedure of claim examination and payment of refund may take 20 bank days. The advantage is obvious, client doesn’t have to spend time at insurance company, to prepare numerous documentation and to wait for decision of insurance company. That’s why our package of cargo delivery services from Ukraine and customs clearance is perfect option that will keep you calm and confident in safe cargo delivery of client from Ukraine to the destination.

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