Fixed price guarantee for cargo delivery from Ukraine to any country of the world

Fixed price guarantee

There are several factors that influence the price of cargo shipping from Ukraine:

  • distance, as well as region/country, where the cargo is to be delivered from Ukraine
  • cargo weight and volume, as well as its particularities, i.e. delivery of hazardous cargo from Ukraine, also oversize and heavy-weight cargo requires additional permits and arrangements along the whole route, and in some cases – provision of escorting as well. Delivery of perishable cargo from Ukraine also requires special approach and careful planning – in the long run all this influences the cost of cargo transportation from Ukraine
  • means of transport to be used – air freight from Ukraine is the most expensive, and container sea shipping enables to deliver bigger cargo volumes at the most beneficial price
  • method of dispatch – general or consolidated cargo
  • invoice value
  • delivery urgency

We guarantee fixed price for customs broker services and logistics services within the terms, stipulated by the contract. Commission fees for the agreement supervision within full package of services, cargo delivery and customs clearance also stay fixed. Prices arrangements are bound by contracts and agreements.

Cargo delivery from Ukraine: how to avoid the risk of the customs value increase?

For importers problem of customs value increase is especially acute, as working with customs authorities is an art to do and quite complicated one. In other words, we cannot guarantee 100% that the customs value won’t change, as it is beyond our responsibility. But what KIY AVIA CARGO can really do is to uphold the customs value, corresponding to the Customer’s interests.

Our experts have plenty of experience solving this kind of issues, and know which documents should be provided in advance to carry out customs clearance in one day at no extra cost.

Customers who use our full package of services have more than once acknowledged that: professional approach to import, correctly prepared documents and agreed figures enable to go through customs control without any problems or delays.

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