Delivery of yachts and boats from Ukraine

International delivery of yachts and boats from Ukraine

International delivery of yachts and boats from Ukraine practically can be classified as delivery of oversize (out of gauge) cargo. Realization of such kind of delivery requires thorough preparation and unexceptionable fulfilment of safety requirements.

Delivery of yachts from Ukraine, we know all fine points

International delivery of yachts and boats from Ukraine is a complex logistics solution demanding in vast majority of cases individual approach. Operations managers of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. make in-depth analysis of yacht (boat) as oversize cargo and suggest such logistics scheme that will allow to receive maximum advantages from available transport we have and optimize passing customs clearance.

By leaning on long-term experience of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD., you can have your boat shipped from Ukraine at minimum costs and with no troubles.

  • to deliver yachts (boats) we take into account peculiarities of legislation of each country within the territory of transportation of oversize cargo
  • we develop the best route considering peculiar features of region and cargo dimensions by reducing the number of bridges, flyovers and level crossings on the road
  • we prepare all necessary permits and if needed provide escort for oversize cargo
  • we provide secure lashing, successful delivery of yachts from Ukraine mostly depends on correct and safe cargo securing. Specific feature of waterborne crafts delivery lays in paying attention to height, form and length of bottom
  • we arrange full insurance cover of yacht (boat) considering all fine points of this oversize and very delicate cargo.

By using certified transport and by applying highly qualified staff we can guarantee our customer safe and comfortable shipping of yachts and boats from Ukraine hedging against losing one’s mind and money. We ensure integrity of yachts (boats) since every scratch or damage not just spoil look of airborne craft but can adversely affect its operational and sailing features.

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