Delivery of perishables from Ukraine

International transportation of perishable goods is one of the most popular and at the same time very sensitive type of cargo transportation. Even the slightest failure or delay can lead to a complete cargo loss. Temperature controlled logistics is much specialized business and one which KIY AVIA CARGO is extremely experienced with.

KIY AVIA CARGO can handle all your perishable requirements and offer a wide range of services. Our partnership network provides you door-to-door services with a complete worldwide transport and temperature controlled warehouses.

When you ship temperature-sensitive goods it is very important to choose the most suitable mode of transport and the shortest route. Whether you are moving medicines, pharmaceuticals, fresh fruit, meat, flowers, KIY AVIA CARGO team will provide efficient pick-up and fast delivery.

Our specialists will perform the whole complex of necessary works. They will:

  • advise on documents preparation (for example, veterinary or quarantine certificates);
  • advise on the best packaging option;
  • provide customs services;
  • provide temperature-controlled warehousing services;
  • provide cargo insurance.

KIY AVIA CARGO have a long tradition in shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and medicines. Perishables should be clearly labeled and temperature regime must be indicated. If you plan to use coolants pay attention that dry ice is classified as a dangerous goods and must comply with all regulations. As an alternative to dry ice it is possible to use gel-packs.

For more information and assistance with perishable cargo, please get in touch  with our office today or visit the Quotation Request block !

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