Delivery of oversized storage tanks from Ukraine

Delivery of oversized storage tanks from Ukraine: particularities of transportation

Oversized storage tanks are mainly rounded, hollow reservoirs, made of sheet metal and used for storage of various materials (liquid, bulk, gaseous) as well as to perform certain tasks e.g. at milk plants or breweries they are widely used as boilers or steam generators.

International shipping of oversized storage tanks from Ukraine is related to a number of particularities of shipment, securing and delivery, caused by the cargo design features, which are by all means to be considered by KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. experts:

  • delivery of oversized storage tanks from Ukraine becomes complicated by discrepancy of outer and inner density, which may lead to the storage tank distortion during transportation This is precisely why during large storage tanks shipping they should be secured using special-purpose rounded reinforcing ribs
  • if technical documentation for oversized storage tanks is not available, KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. engineers will develop cargo loading and securing plan on their own
  • it is particularly important to consider availability of auxiliary taps (e.g. neck of a hatch) or bulging out constructional elements – this will make adjustments both to cargo securing and to delivery peculiarities, as even in case of small-size storage tank, the cargo may become oversized on the whole
  • it is important to define correctly the cargo securing level – if it is too rigid, it could deform the transportable structure, in case if it is too soft, it could lead to vibration and the storage tank loosening, which causes cargo displacement and reduces the vehicle’s controllability
  • arrange for transportation all types of out-of-gauge storage tanks, both oversized (reservoirs, cisterns, silos) and heavy-weight (elements of industrial machines and mounts, steam boilers, industrial boilers)
  • using special equipment our qualified experts provide for accomplishment of handling operations, which require special preparation due to its particularities and the storage tank dimensions
  • managers of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. perform all package of works related to shipping of oversized cargo from Ukraine – coordination, itinerary development, escort provision, etc.
  • To bolster the customer’s confidence we provide for the cargo’s full insurance

International shipping of oversized storage tanks from Ukraine by KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. – compliance with transfer deadlines and the best price guarantee!

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