Delivery of oversize cargo and equipment from Ukraine

Delivery of oversize cargo from Ukraine/ industrial relocation (transportation of equipment) from Ukraine

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. offers to its clients all kinds of shipping services from Ukraine. And today it’s not just international shipping of cargo from Ukraine but also family relocation and dispatch of parcels. We also offer shipping of oversize cargo from Ukraine, for industrial relocation we can provide rigging, loading and unloading of oversize cargo with the help of special equipment or mechanisms.

If you need to relocate not just an office but, let us say, a plant we are ready to arrange such relocation. We can deliver equipment from Ukraine including industrial and bank equipment, specialized machines of any size.

How is possible the delivery of such complicated oversize cargo from Ukraine?

  • You contact our company to describe future delivery in details. If needed our specialist will come to your enterprise/office to take necessary measurements and evaluate the scope of work
  • We provide the required specialized mechanical transport after the calculation of loading capacity and number of automobiles is done
  • our specialists can arrange necessary preliminary preparation such as partial dismantling and packing of cargo
  • rigging work is made on site and if necessary special machines are involved to lift/move/ load especially heavy and bulgy cargo
  • shipping of oversize cargo from Ukraine is performed by the most experienced drivers, they can safely and timely deliver cargo to new destination. They work out route beforehand to avoid troubles on the road for example road conditions, checking bridges and tunnels and their height, location of wire lines.

Today relocation of clinic, bank or even the whole plant is quite possible and not complicated provided that process is organized correctly. And only professionals are in power to organize it well who are specialists of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD.

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