Delivery of industrial equipment from Ukraine

Delivery of industrial equipment from Ukraine

Delivery of industrial equipment from Ukraine is one of the most sought-after and at the same time very complicated tasks to be performed by our company. The main problem is the cargo specific character, power packs, machine tools, engines, various devices and plants, technological complexes are notable for their irregular dimensions and forms as well as heavy weight.

KIY AVIA CARGO proposes a complex approach in arrangement and conduct of industrial equipment delivery from Ukraine:

  • our experts come to the cargo departure place in order to evaluate the cargo overall dimensions and size, its transportation requirements and conditions. Based on obtained data, we choose the means of transport, complying with requirements of the modern and timely delivery of industrial equipment from Ukraine;
  •  our managers arrange an itinerary of the traffic circulation, as well as prepare all package of authorizing documents, required for oversize cargo delivery, and also make arrangements with traffic police authorities and, if required, provide for its escorting in all countries within the territory of transportation.
  • riggers craftsmen develop the cargo-handling operations and fastening procedure, as well as practically perform all required works. If required, the heavy equipment may be partially dismantled (disassembled), and its single parts are to be packed in boxes, crates or metallic cases.
  • cargo escorting, possibility to track the transport location in real time mode;
  • relocation of industrial equipment, fitted with modern technological systems, plants and devices. Transportation of such equipment as computer hardware, graphic arts equipment, video equipment and other devices with complex and sensitive electronic devices requires adherence to special rules, aimed at damages prevention.
  • insurance of the delivered industrial equipment.

When performing international delivery of industrial equipment from Ukraine, managers of KIY AVIA CARGO undertake to prepare all package of the customs documents.

Industrial equipment transportation from Ukraine by KIY AVIA CARGO – we deliver your cargo in immaculate condition and within a clearly defined time frame!

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