Customer reviews


12 July, 2016

I would like to thank you once again for the job you’ve done! I’ve entrusted you a very precious thing for me and my choice of a carrier was right! Thanks a lot!


11 December, 2015

I’ve moved for a permanent residence to Greece. The consultant helped me to choose an optimal means of delivery and an itinerary. I liked that I’ve been proposed several itineraries and various means of transport to choose from. You feel that your opinion matters. Transportation charges turned out to be not more that average ones.


11 December, 2015

We’ve been cooperating with KYI AVIA CARGO for more than five years now. There were various situations, but the cargo was never lost, the documents are always prepared with all responsibility and we always keep in touch in the course of all shipping process.   We’re glad to have once chosen this company.


11 December, 2015

Cargo delivery with KYI AVIA CARGO was marked for me only with positive emotions. Considering the fact, that we had to delay the dispatch several times, and then to settle down problems with the customs service, the company’s employees solved all issues. I was very pleased – the cargo was delivered on time.


11 December, 2015

We’re doing pharmaceutical business. Certain positions require compliance with the temperature and air humidity mode. Cooperating with KYI AVIA CARGO I’ve never seen any products damage caused by the carrier, which is what other companies can often be very much blamed of.

Pavel Anatolievich

11 December, 2015

The company meets all our qualification requirements and offered us the lowest deliveries rates. We’ve been cooperating for more than six months and are quite happy with the services quality. We do recommend this shipping company.

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