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Cargo delivery from Ukraine to USA

Cargo delivery from Ukraine to USA

Air shipping from Ukraine to USA  – is a possibility to deliver required equipment and goods as soon and safely as possible.

KYI AVIA CARGO provides a complex approach to arrangement of cargo air shipment from Ukraine to USA considering particularities and specificity of air transportation market of the United States. We will choose an appropriate way of transportation – air freight to USA from Ukraine by passenger aircrafts is the most economical and express method of general cargo delivery to the United States. Passenger carriers, making flights from Europe, are willing to load their baggage holds to maximum, therefore their prices are usually 30-40% less, than in case of delivery by cargo carrier. KYI AVIA CARGO ensures cargo shipment to one of the European airports for its further delivery to the USA.


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KYI AVIA CARGO arranges cargo delivery based on door-to-door principles – we ensure cargo transportation both to the departure airport in Ukraine, and directly to the customer’s end from the arrival airport, as well as all cargo-handling operations execution. We ensure air shipment for any type of cargo, both usual and outsized, hazardous, perishable or very heavy, as well as cargo monitoring at all stages of transfer, provision of full information about cargo location to the customer.

Flights safety is one of priorities for US aviation authorities, therefore while arranging international cargo shipping it would be required to fulfil a number of special procedures, which could both delay the dispatch and result in extra charges. Additional experience enables KYI AVIA CARGO to minimize both time and financial expenses while going through the above procedures.

KYI AVIA CARGO company is certified by the TSA (Transport Security Administration in USA).

Air freight from Ukraine to USA with KYI AVIA CARGO – availability, punctuality and reliability.