Cargo delivery from Ukraine to Germany

Prices for cargo delivery from Ukraine

There are several factors that may influence the price of cargo shipping from Ukraine to Germany: cargo weight and volume, its denomination and particularities (oversize, hazardous, perishable), delivery urgency, dispatch point and ultimate destination, means of transport to be used for shipment, invoice cost, transportation period, mode of dispatch (general cargo or consolidated).

Air freight from Ukraine to Germany is the fastest and the most reliable, but at the same time the most expensive way of goods shipping. Railway freight shipping from Ukraine to Germany – is the most economical method of delivery, it enables to transport huge volumes of cargo at the most reasonable price. Transportation by road to Germany – is the second delivery option by speed and price, which enables to provide for express cargo delivery.

Useful information about Ukraine

Germany – is an extremely important trade and economic partner of Ukraine, by mutual trade volume (around USD 6.5 billion annually) Germany ranks the second place among all the trade partners of Ukraine in Europe. Over the past few years, after the agreement with EU was signed, the cargo deliveries from Ukraine to Germany have been constantly growing.

The main delivery of goods from Ukraine to Germany falls at engineering products (almost one third part of all export) and agricultural products (its portion is 25%, main commodity lines are – cereal crops, sunflower oil, vegetable fats, pasta and honey). Besides, a considerable portion of cargo turnover falls at delivery from Ukraine to Germany of mineral raw materials, cigarettes, timber, wood and saw timber, furniture, polymeric materials and clothes.

Main transportation hubs of Ukraine

There are 30 airports operating in Ukraine, and 16 thereof have international airports status. The biggest airport in Ukraine is Boryspil (situated in Kyiv, the main cargo delivery airport), among other big airports one should note the airport of Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Zhuliany (located within the limits of Kyiv).

There are 24 ports operating in Ukraine, the biggest of them are:

  • at the Black sea – the port of Odessa (container shipping centre, it accounts for around 65-60 % of all container turnover), the port of Chernomorsk and Yuzhnyi port. Besides, it stands to mention the port of Mykolaiv, the port of Kherson, and the port Olvia
  • at the Sea of Azov – the port of Mariupil (specialized in ferrous metals transshipment).

Terms of cargo delivery to Germany

KYI AVIA CARGO insures international shipping of any kinds of cargo and goods from Germany to any part of Ukraine. Air freight from Ukraine to Germany may take up to 3-5 days (including time, required to deliver the cargo to the airport, completion of customs formalities and handling).

Road haulage from Germany to Ukraine may take from 7 to 14 days (time of delivery from Germany depends on the departure and arrival station, type and volume of the cargo, its weight and particularities).

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