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Cargo delivery from Ukraine to China

Cargo transportation from China: tariff of $ 100 per 1 ton!

Cargo transportation from China: tariff of $ 100 per 1 ton!

Do you need to deliver goods to or from China? KIY AVIA CARGO will do it for you as quickly as possible.

KIY AVIA CARGO offers all freight-forwarding and related services to satisfy different logistics requirements.

Please note that customs clearance, including payment of taxes and fees, is an integral part of the delivery of commercial goods from China. Our managers and brokers will consult on all issues and help calculate shipping costs, import taxes and duties.


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Kiy Avia Cargo Business Class Advantage


18 years on the market. Specialists with experience of more than 15 years.


Advantageous insurance of cargo and 100% payment guarantee in the event of


We will inform you about the cost and conditions of transportation from Ukraine - within 15 minutes

Agency offices around the world

Full range of services including customs clearance, packaging, loading

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