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Additional cargo, international transportation – KIY AVIA CARGO LTD.

In addition to executing primary transportation applications, KIY AVIA CARGO also organizes transportation of additional cargo. Such cargo is loaded in vehicles moving unloaded after the primary transportation has been completed. Thus, on the one hand additional cargo transportation may significantly increase the vehicle utilization factor, and on the other – contribute to transportation cost cut. Additional cargo transportation requires perfect logistics system allowing to trace and analyze all transport routes as well as compare them in view of current applications for additional cargo transportation. Only companies being leaders in cargo transportation industry can competently organize additional cargo transportation so as to minimize vehicle idle time and prevent failure to deliver on time.

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. has at its disposal all the available means of transport, a large customer base and a network of official representatives both in Ukraine and abroad. We strive to do every possible thing so as to ensure that cargo transportation scheme is optimum for all our customers. Our personnel having many years of successful experience in the field of transport logistics organize additional cargo transportation aiming to maximize vehicle utilization efficiency and to speed up delivery of goods to customers. After the primary transportation order has been completed, the route of a vehicle can be changed in case there is additional cargo to be transported. For our clients additional cargo transportation is beneficial, since the cost of transportation does not include the vehicle unloaded travel time.

Additional cargo is subject to all timing and quality guarantees applicable to the international and domestic transportation, therefore, when cooperating with our company you can be confident that your cargo will be delivered timely and fully intact.

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