Oversized cargo

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Oversized cargo, international transportation

Cargoes dimensions of which differ from the size of cargo transported by conventional transportation methods fall into the category of oversized cargo. For such cargo transportation the oversize transport is used, which is the best method to transport bulky cargoes, although requiring significant expenditure in terms of energy and money. Thus, a company undertaking transportation of oversized cargo should have a large fleet of specialized vehicles, material and technical resources and skilled professionals with experience in provision of such services.

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. has for many years been providing all sorts of transportation services, including transportation of oversized cargoes. Leading the market of transportation services in Ukraine, we are developing the best transport routes, undertake all the formal support and optimize cargo transportation schemes.

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation differs from conventional cargo transportation mainly by the fact that each assignment implying oversized cargo transportation is strictly individual and requires individual approach to its arrangement. At the same time this requires availability of specialized equipment allowing to carry out oversized cargo transportation as such, cargo handling and fastening. KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. qualified personnel professionally developing logistics projects while planning transportation routes for oversized cargo transportation always consider such nuances as presence of bridges and narrow country roads on the route, therefore by entrusting us with your cargo you can be confident of its safety and preservation. Apart from this, the package of our services includes insurance for the oversized cargo transportation period. Insurance terms are similar for both international, domestic carriage and for oversized cargo transportation within Ukraine. You can familiarize yourself with the insurance terms by visiting respective sections of the website.

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