Transportation of personal belongings, organizing relocation


  • International transportation of personal belongings
  • International transportation of animals

KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd. provides a wide range of services implying international transportation of personal belongings and luggage as well as performs delivery from anywhere in Ukraine directly to the abroad address specified by the client in the contract. We specialize in providing such popular services as transportation of personal belongings to Canada, USA and Europe.

International transportation is carried out by various means of transport:

  • air
  • road
  • sea

At the initial stage of cooperation our employee visits the client’s location in order to familiarize with the type and nature of the cargo to be transported. Then, the optimum documenting and transportation schedule is developed based on your preferences.

Our pricing policy is transparent putting you in control of the luggage transportation rate determining. Transportation cost may be varied by changing the initial parameters such as the time-limit for luggage transportation and mode of transport.

In general, international transportation of personal belongings includes the following services:

  • planning and the optimum cargo delivery route development
  • services of professional movers
  • use of special packaging material providing for complete safety and preservation of cargo
  • short-term and long-term warehousing of goods
  • transportation by air, road or sea transport, depending on the nature and volume of cargo as well as on delivery
  • schedule and destination country
  • arranging “door to door” cargo delivery
  • customs clearance of personal belongings.

KIY AVIA CARGO provides for complete information and legal support regarding transported cargo at all stages until receipt thereof by the consignee. We also assist in arranging all the paperwork required for international transportation of personal belongings.

Transportation of personal belongings, organizing relocation – KIY AVIA CARGO

Transportation of belongings when relocating is a process not less troublesome and time-consuming than cargo or passenger transportation. Therefore, when selecting a company for assisting in an international relocation, you should make your choice in the favor of an experienced and well-established company providing a wide range of transportation, logistics and moving services.

KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd provides services in organizing international relocations, required paperwork, storage and transportation of cargo. Transportation of belongings abroad is one of the main activities of the company, therefore due to the experience and professionalism of KIY AVIA CARGO personnel you may be certain that the transportation abroad will be performed at the highest quality level.

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