Sea container transportation

International sea, container tranportation from China, USA, Europe

  • Delivery from China

If you are looking for a reliable company providing sea cargo transportation services, you should choose a carrier occupying a leading position in the global market – which is KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd. We specialize in sea transportation of cargo in 20&40ft containers (FCL/Full Container Load and LCL (Less Than Container Load) from various countries to Ukrainian ports.

The most popular container transportation systems today include FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) schemes used for cargo transportation from different countries to Ukraine.

Our activities include, in particular, the following:

• sea cargo transportation from China, USA, Europe to Ukraine;
• cargo handling, in-port security escorting at Odessa and Ilyichevsk;
• customs clearance and fulfilling port formalities;
• transshipment from containers into trucks;
• cargo delivery by road to the customer’s warehouse from the port to which the goods were delivered by sea.

Container shipping to Ilyichevsk and Odessa benefits from the financial side, because the costs of transportation by sea are much lower than those by other transport modes. Sea transportation to Ilyichevsk and Odessa has only one drawback – it requires more time. However, if subject to cargo evaluation adequacy the time factor is not fundamental, it is the best transportation option.

FCL scheme via Odessa and Ilyichevsk ports is perfect for optimizing import or export transport operations by sea. The owner of the goods has the exclusive right to use the entire space of the container.

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