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Quotation Request. Container transportation prices

Development of business, domestic and international trade has caused the need to organize the reliable cargo transportation process. Steel containers have become the perfect option for transportation due to their tightness, durability and standard dimensions making them easy to transport either by water, air or by road. Container transportation prices determined before contract conclusion are calculated depending on the type of cargo, delivery urgency and many other additional factors.

Which method of exporting/importing containers is more advantageous?

The most reliable and quickest option is transportation by air, although respectively, this service will cost much more. In case there is a need for quick cargo delivery or no other means of communication are available, this option remains the only available. The prices of container transportation by sea are much lower. This is a fine option for those not in a hurry. In addition, the cost of service may be further reduced, if you order not a separate container but a general one. In this case you will have to pay only for the space in cubic meters occupied. In case you need to transport goods within the country as well as within Western and Eastern Europe, you might want to use the option of transportation by road. The convenience implies that the goods will be delivered from the point of departure to destination using one transportation mode. Not a single airplane would fly into a city centre and not a single ship would sail straight to a warehouse or a base depot. The cost of such transportation is average, while everything depends on mileage and condition of the roads along the route.

How are the container transportation rates calculated?

Apart from the mode of transportation and distance between the points of departure and destination many other factors are taken into account.

1. Need for insurance. Only provided an insurance policy has been issued, there will be the opportunity of compensating possible losses, to which no one is immune.

2. Customs clearance. In case of international transportation it is obligatory to undergo customs control at the border. Special permits and cargo certification are required. Sometimes bonded warehousing may be necessary, which will also be included in the cost of transportation services.

3. Urgency. Regarding transportation by sea prices may rise, if timing is tight. In case you are not in a hurry, they will remain at the minimum.

4. Type, weight and dimensions of transported goods. Transportation of hazardous, explosive or poisonous, as well as perishable or easily damaged goods is more complex. Therefore, the transportation rates will be higher.

Could container transportation prices be lower?

If a company regularly needs to transport goods, it will be granted a discount and offered a contract with clearly determined rates. You can also order organizing transportation on a turnkey basis. In this case you may skip worrying about cargo escorting, legal paperwork, finding a warehouse and other details.

To calculate cargo rates e.g. from China to Ukraine or others, you just need to ask a specialist manager for assistance.

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