Delivery of clothes from Ukraine to any country of the world

Delivery of clothes from Ukraine is one of specialized activities of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. The most difficult thing about international delivery of clothes as in any other delivery is the right beginning. If you want to deliver clothes fast and safe with no worries about packing, contact operations managers of KIY AVIA CARGO LTD.

KIY AVIA CARGO LTD. offers the following service:

  • collection of cargo in any part of Ukraine
  • cargo preparation for shipping (packing, marking, palletizing, regrouping)
  • loading onto transport
  • selection of mode of transport to deliver clothes from Ukraine, choosing the route
  • making calculations and preparation of transport documentation
  • tracking of clothes from Ukraine, passing customs formalities
  • informational and consulting services

There are the following modes of delivery of clothes from Ukraine:

  • by air
  • by sea
  • by railway
  • by truck

We can provide delivery of both commercial batch and delivery for private people moving abroad, for exhibitions or fashion show.

Delivery of clothes from Ukraine: packing and preparation for shipping

Sewn products have all properties of fibre and fabrics they are made of that’s why during transportation it’s necessary to follow the same conditions as for transportation of fibre and fabrics. Packing must ensure safety of clothes protecting it from dust, preсipitation and sun rays.

Shipper may present clothes on hangers in special framed containers, boxes, crates or packs. During transportation textile products are packed into rigid (board or veneer crates), semirigid (pressed cases with planks and fixing boards) or soft packing (bales, sacks or rolls). Clothes are transported in textile cases, thick poly bags, crates or boxes. And packing paper or bags are used for transportation of knitted goods.


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